Whether you are looking to keep IT services costs predictable, manage your organization’s growing data assets, create a plan for business continuity or make the transition to leveraging virtualization, Beam has a solution for you.

Beam has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of network and shared storage, ranging from best-of-breed NAS and SAN technologies from leading manufacturers to storage virtualization technology, enabling you to maximize your agility and return on your storage hardware investments.

With Beam’s storage solutions, scaled to meet your performance, capacity and availability needs, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your storage problems are solved.

Through the powerful capabilities of modern software-defined storage, you can slash administrative overhead, reduce costs, and rapidly achieve your business objectives for data management, data protection, business continuity and virtualization.

We work closely with best-of-breed storage vendors and industry leaders to ensure the highest value storage solutions for our customers.

Some of the benefits of our storage solutions include:

  • Maximize your investment – Through modern technologies such as thin provisioning and storage tiering, you can maximize the value of your storage investment
  • Availability – We design a storage solution that is reliable, secure, and highly available to ensure your data and infrastructure is available to power your business
  • Continuity – Easily implement offsite replication and other backup technologies to protect your business in the event of a catastrophic failure or unforeseen event
  • Performance – We can architect a storage solution for your business to meet the needs of even the most demanding of business applications

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