Cloud and Hosted Solutions

Simplify your operations and your spending with the cloud

Microsoft Office 365 is a “no-brainer” for nearly every business, not just small businesses. Email availability and security today is critical, and for some organizations, email is one of its biggest assets. Office 365 not only delivers the same Microsoft Exchange experience that you’ve likely learned to rely on, it’s now even better with enhancements for mobile devices, additions such as Lync and SharePoint, and the latest Office Suite.

Say goodbye to on premise Exchange maintenance…
Say goodbye to securing your on premise Exchange…
Say goodbye to backing up your Exchange database and mailboxes….
Say goodbye to upgrading, migrating, and compliance issues….

Microsoft Office 365 takes care of all of this for you! If you’re not in the cloud yet, this is an obvious first step.

Certain businesses will never have to buy servers and expensive on premise equipment ever again. This is the model of the future, where you only pay for what you need and use. Your technology is hosted in world-class data centers across the globe, and delivers a seamless user experience regardless of your location and connectivity. Right now, not everyone is a candidate for this shift. But for those who are, the benefits are game-changing.

Most businesses today are at risk by not managing their employees’ use of free, consumer- based products such as Dropbox,, SugarSync, Google Drive, etc. Don’t allow that to happen. All businesses should go to great lengths to secure their file system, so why wouldn’t you secure your data in the cloud?

Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your current environment, are secured and meet most compliance requirements your business may have. Plus they’re as easy to use as consumer based products, and provide all the auditing and reporting an owner needs to get a clear overview of data.

This is simple. Stop paying for your onsite, legacy phone system! Chances are it is outdated, requires a technician to maintain, is expensive to add onto, and only partially meets your needs. (You’re not still paying for long-distance, right?) With our hosted VoIP solutions, you have the same benefits and features (more than 50) that Fortune 500 companies enjoy for a small monthly cost. No on-premise equipment. Flat rate calling. Easy to scale. Month to month.

If you are a healthcare provider, financial institution, professional services firm, manufacturing company, legal company, hi-tech and banking organization, read on:

Your email needs to be secure. If you’re not being made to do it now, you will be made to do it soon! The good news is that it’s not scary, expensive, inconvenient – or anything else you may have heard. Our solution is simple, cloud-based, and proven.

We hate spam as much as you do, which is why we offer simple and reliable anti-spam solutions that will leave your inbox clean, safe and secure as it should be. With our Anti-Spam Solution, you can rest assure that all the malware, spam and viruses trying to make their way into your inbox remain blocked at all times.

Having access to all your data and applications wherever and whenever you need them is vital in today’s world. Our Continuity solution lets you enjoy exactly that. Eliminate downtime with 24/7 access to all your data and applications, no excuses.

Our Continuity solutions include:

  • Email Continuity – Send/Receive email, even when your Email server (local or cloud) is down!
  • Critical Server Continuity – Keep mission critical Servers and Applications up and available.
  • Network Continuity – Failover to a ‘hot site’ for complete network redundancy.
  • Data Availability – Data protected in the cloud, multi-redundancy.

Network Support from Beam Technologies provides you with more reliable performance and predictable expenses. That means increasing the productivity from the technology you’ve already invested in, while reducing the total costs of IT problems and unexpected downtime.

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